New Hawkeye Trailer Brings Back This Memorable Avengers: Age Of Ultron Character


Now that What If…? is over, the next Marvel TV series coming our way is Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner’s very first solo outing as the avenging archer. The original trailer that released in September promised a full-on festive-themed action-adventure show, something which today’s new trailer doubles down on. What’s more, it also confirms a key character will feature in the six-part spectacular.

While the first promo saw Clint Barton hanging with his kids, his wife Laura was conspicuous for her absence, leading fans to wonder if Linda Cardellini was going to skip the series. But thankfully we now know the Dead to Me star will appear, as she turns up for a brief clip in the second Hawkeye trailer. “Let me guess, you’re going to need another day,” Laura says while on the phone to her husband. “Maybe two,” a guilty Clint admits in response.

See a screenshot of Cardellini’s return below:

Clint’s family were surprise additions to the MCU, with Hawkeye being a husband and a dad coming as a shock to his fellow heroes and fans alike in Avengers: Age of Ultron. We then didn’t see the Barton clan again until Avengers: Endgame, when they were erased by Thanos’ snap. By the end of the film, he finally got them back, which is why Clint is determined to have an old-fashioned family Christmas in Hawkeye.

Unfortunately, his plans will be derailed when he becomes the target of mysterious assassins, meaning he has to remain in New York and figure out what’s going on alongside his newfound protégé Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), his biggest fan. By the looks of things, then, Cardellini won’t have a big role in the show, just as she hasn’t in her two previous appearances, but at least she’ll get a little screentime.

Hawkeye debuts on Disney Plus with its first two episodes just in time for Thanksgiving on Wednesday, Nov. 24.