New MCU Animated Show May Introduce Another Hulk


Chatter that Marvel Animation Studios was poised to become a reality has been circulating for years, and the live-action division’s Executive Vice President of Film Production Victoria Alonso essentially confirmed it was happening after revealing that the company are intent on founding a new mini studio to oversee a slate of animated projects.

The most likely scenario is that we’re looking at a bevvy of episodic shows set to air exclusively on Disney Plus, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand onto streaming. Having already conquered cinema and now live-action TV, animation is the final frontier for the studio, and What If…? is coming in just a few weeks to kick things off.

A new rumor claims that another series is already in development behind the scenes, one that focuses on a brand new set of characters but will introduce several aspects of established Marvel lore into the mix. As per the report, the mystery show will focus on a teenage girl, her brother and some sort of artificial intelligence, where they head off on a road trip adventure in the wake of a family tragedy.

On top of that, kid-centric superhero team Power Pack are also said to be involved as supporting players, as well as Amadeus Cho, with both the superpowered siblings and the alternate version of the Hulk having been linked with MCU debuts for a long time.

Obviously, none of this has been confirmed or corroborated by Marvel just yet, but with animation set to play a much bigger role in the mythology moving forward, it’s only a matter of time before we get concrete details on what show will be joining What If…? and I Am Groot on the MCU‘s two-dimensional Disney Plus roster.