New ‘Peacemaker’ image reveals Judomaster in all his corny glory

Photo via HBO

A new image from the upcoming DC series Peacemaker highlights a new character, Judomaster, in a post shared on Twitter today. Judomaster looks ready for action, almost comically, and fans are thrilled to get to learn more about it.

Fan reactions to Judomaster are phenomenal, with excitement over his character building and fans loving his addition to the show’s lineup.

The HBO Max series is coming to the streaming platform next month, and fans are thrilled to see what’s next for the title character. It’s easy to see Peacemaker as either a hero or a villain, depending on which side of the equation you’re looking at — but the thing is, he’s far more complex than that.

In a tweet shared by Gunn earlier this summer, he responded to the question of whether or not Peacemaker was a hero or a villain. His response is a perfect example of how fans can view Peacemaker to understand him better.

It’s also likely that those who fight alongside Peacemaker will be riding that same line between hero and villain — and Judomaster is definitely in the equation.

As reported by, the synopsis for the upcoming series is as follows:

“Following the events of The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker, a born killer with expertise on every weapon known to humankind, is supposed to be in prison. He’s approached by Clemson Murn, who offers him an opportunity to avoid jail time by working under him and forming a team to kill bad people. Tasked with killing Senator Royland Goff, Peacemaker teams up with Harcourt, their field handler; John Economos, head of tech and tactics; Vigilante, and Adebayo, their new recruit. The unlikely group of killers do their best to come together as a team, as Peacemaker also tries to come to terms with his estranged father.

You can see Judomaster in Peacemaker on HBO Max starting Jan. 13, with new episodes premiering weekly.