New study names ‘Iron Fist’ as the worst Marvel TV show ever

Iron Fist
Marvel / Netflix

When it comes to naming the worst productions to come bearing the Marvel Television branding, two titles stick out above all else as the weakest efforts to hit the small screen before Kevin Feige folded the division, absorbed it into the overall empire, wiped the canonical slate clean and restarted the episodic expansion on Disney Plus with WandaVision.

We are of course talking about Inhumans, which was so awful that it was canceled before its first eight-episode season had finished airing, and Iron Fist. The latter is far and away the unwanted stepchild of the Netflix universe, and it’s morbidly hilarious to see how many fans have been clamoring for Charlie Cox, Vincent D’Onofrio, Krysten Ritter and Jon Bernthal to return to the mainline MCU, while nobody seems to have mentioned Finn Jones at all.

A new study from Uswitch has now sought to name the most boring Marvel TV show of all-time, and you won’t be picking your jaw up off the floor after discovering the results. The study looks at the negative IMDb reviews to determine the rankings, with Iron Fist ‘winning’ after racking up 32.25%, just ahead of Inhumans‘ 32%.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that The Punisher came third on 20.67%, despite Bernthal’s popularity among the fanbase. Those were the only three Marvel properties to make it onto the Top 15, but nobody is going to be alarmed to discover Iron Fist and Inhumans are bottom of the pile.