New study names ‘Star: Wars Holiday Special’ as worst festive movie or TV show ever

George Lucas actively regrets the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, to the extent that he’s never made it available to either rent, purchase or stream in any official capacity, but that hasn’t stopped fans the world over from revisiting it on an annual basis via a grainy bootleg copy.

Mark Hamill has long since learned to lean into the dismal festive spectacular’s reputation, and talk of an all-new Disney-branded version continue to make the rounds, but even the most forgiving person with a penchant for anything that unfolds in a galaxy far, far away has to admit that it’s terrible.

As if you needed any more reminders, a new study from USwitch has named the Star Wars Holiday Special as the worst Christmas-themed movie, TV show or one-off event there’s ever been, which sounds about right. The findings are based on the percentage of negative phrases found in IMDb reviews, and there was only one going to be winner.

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever takes second spot, with Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, Deck the Halls and Love the Coopers rounding out the Top 5. It’s a sentiment you really can’t argue with, albeit one that doesn’t stop the Star Wars Holiday Special from enduring as an ironic cult favorite.