New Supergirl Season 2 Images Put The Focus On The Girl Of Steel And Her Famous Cousin

We’ve yet to see a trailer for Supergirl season two, but The CW has finally released an official batch of images from the highly anticipated premiere. It should come as no surprise to learn that Superman is featured in pretty much every single one of them, especially as his presence is understandably a big part of the network’s plan to ensure new and old viewers alike tune in.

That aside, and seeing these two characters together is obviously extremely exciting, especially as it’s something the vast majority of fans never expected to happen. CBS did, after all, spend a year teasing Superman by showing him from a distance or just parts of his body like a leg or hand.


As well as focusing on the Man of Steel in his Superman and Clark Kent personas, the stills in the gallery above also offer up a first look at Lena Luthor. With Lex behind bars, she’s going to have a significant role in season two of Supergirl as she looks to repair the damage done to the LuthorCorp brand. Can she be trusted? That’s something we’ll have to wait and see about.

Either way, between the arrival of Superman and a planned musical crossover episode, it’s fair to say that season two of Supergirl is shaping up to be something very special indeed.

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