A New Team Of Vigilantes Assemble In Revealing Arrow Season 5 Set Photos


Season four of Arrow ended with Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak as the last remaining members of the team which once included the likes of Black Canary and Speedy, but photos from the Vancouver set of The CW series show a new group of vigilantes standing alongside Green Arrow.

While the images in the Tweet below don’t offer up the most detailed look at the characters, we can quite clearly see Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez), Artemis (Madison Mclaughlin) and Mr. Terrific.

The latter two have already appeared in Arrow as Artemis impersonated Black Canary in season four and Curtis Holt’s transformation into Mr. Terrific is one fans have been looking forward to seeing ever since he debuted in the show last year. Wild Dog, meanwhile, is a relatively obscure character from the comic books who will make his small screen debut here.

The fact that Oliver has an entirely new team of vigilantes working alongside him in season five may seem like a drastic status quo change, but after the mixed response to the last two years, it may be exactly what Arrow needs in order to retain its fanbase after making creative decisions which have alienated some fans.

Arrow will be back on The CW on October 5th. With any luck, the network will release some official images of these characters before then.

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