New Video Gives Look Inside The Flash’s VFX Process


As we rapidly approach the final leg of the third season of The Flash, The CW has elected to throw us a bone in order to help the next two weeks pass. And while it’s not a new trailer or a full clip gleaned from the returning episode, you have to admit it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

One aspect that has been amongst of the series’ strong points since day one has been that of its stellar visual effects. Sure, it may be something we take for granted these days, but not long ago, we just didn’t get stuff of this caliber on TV. One only need to look back on Smallville  – which ended in 2011, mind you – in order to see what it’s like to do the best you can with what you have. Make no mistake, I loved that series, but, at the time, the network was headed up by someone who prioritized teen soap operas over superheroes, thereby forcing the would be Man of Steel to get by on a shoestring budget.

Thankfully, it’s a brave new world, as the “Behind The Visual Effects” featurette demonstrates. Interestingly enough, Gorilla Grodd is used as the basis for showing the many layers that go into the VFX process, as the two-part “Gorilla City” arc is currently in the process of being rerun, with the first part re-airing last night and the second coming next week.

Showcased are several of the formidable primate’s key appearances from throughout the series’ history, in addition to a little involving the other notable natively CGI baddie, King Shark. Unfortunately, there’s no narration by any of the talented people who make this a reality each week, but it is what it is.

The Flash returns with new episodes on Tuesday, April 25 on The CW.