Nora Goes Off The Deep End In New Promo For The Flash


If anything, tonight’s episode of The Flash taught us a whole heck of a lot about how greatly Nora West-Allen screwed up the timeline when venturing back to the current era. I mean, not only did Cicada come into being much earlier than he should’ve, but he’s a different guy than fated to be! Personally, I think the insinuation at the end of the episode hinting that someone convinced her to go back in time and interfere during last May’s finale will have bigger ramifications than we could imagine (my gut says she’s being manipulated), but we’ll likely discuss this much more down the line.

On the plus side, though, the ominous title that was “The Death of Vibe” didn’t reflect the actual outcome of said adventure, though there was a symbolic death of sorts. Originally, I thought Cisco Ramon would lose his powers, thereby forcing him into superhero retirement, but he instead faked his demise with the help of Nora so that Cicada would cease his relentless pursuit.

Speaking of XS, the first trailer for next week’s episode, “News Flash,” shows her losing control, and can be seen at the top of this article. If you were to ask me, something’s messing with her mind, as there’s no logical reason why she’d want to kill her father, Barry.

Our biggest clue as to what’s going on comes courtesy of the official synopsis, with smart money saying freak of the week Spin is largely to blame. Here, check it out and judge for yourself:

“NORA IS TARGETED BY A DANGEROUS META — Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) face the ultimate parenting test when Team Flash battles Spin (guest star Kiana Madeira), a savvy millennial armed with meta tech, and a dangerous agenda for their daughter, Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy). Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) is feeling defeated until an unlikely source issues a challenge to help boost his confidence.”

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.

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