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Not everyone hates one of the most detestable ‘Andor’ debutants

Cult favorites come in all shapes, forms, and sizes.

Kyle Soller, Alex Ferns, and Fiona Shaw in 'Andor'
Image via Lucasfilm/Disney Plus

Despite having been working in the industry for upwards of 25 years, in terms of sheer mainstream prominence, 2022 might be the best annum of Scottish actor Alex Ferns’ career, even if he’s been doing little more than pissing franchise fans off as both The Batman‘s Commissioner Peter Savaga, and Andor‘s Sergeant Linus Mosk.

No Star Wars story is complete without a couple of detestable villains we can all boo and hiss at as we watch our intrepid protagonist set about saving the day, and fans were quick to hop onto social media in the aftermath of the Rogue One prequel’s three-episode premiere to discuss Mosk’s status as arguably the prized prick of a galaxy far, far away.

He did at least make history by becoming the first Star Wars figure to utter the very earthbound profanity of “sh*t” in a galaxy far, far away, but it seems as if the 53 year-old has inadvertently ended up cultivating himself a sizeable one-man fandom, at least on Reddit anyway.

That’s right; people are genuinely clamoring to see more of Mosk, and while that’s unlikely to stretch much beyond Andor given the show’s placement in the timeline, supporters can rest easy knowing that Ferns has landed a role in the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong sequel, where he’ll most likely play an asshole given that he’s very good at it.

Based on upwards of 180 upvotes and near enough 50 comments, Andor fanatics will end up ruing the day he disappears from canon, especially when a surprising amount of them want to see him report to Darth Vader directly.

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