Official Synopsis For Jessica Jones Beckons You Back To Hell’s Kitchen


We’re now little under a month away from the much-anticipated debut of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, and today Netflix has published the official, all-too-brief synopsis for the superhero series.

As any subscriber will attest, Netflix descriptions are known for being vague – often laughably so – and the newly-released logline for Marvel’s second series to hit the platform is no different


It is, quite simply, “haunted by a traumatic past, Jessica Jones uses her gifts as a private eye to find her tormentor before he can harm anyone else in Hell’s Kitchen.” Hardly one to stop the presses, but it’s enough to keep us intrigued nonetheless.

Arriving in tandem with the official synopsis is a brooding new image featuring Krysten Ritter’s titular heroine coming face-to-face with the illustrious and delightfully dark Kilgrave (AKA The Purple Man), played by David Tennant. Indeed, it is the latter actor that has appeared numerous times across the various promos for Jessica Jones, slyly teasing and tormenting Ritter’s troubled character as she comes to terms with her new life as a police detective operating in the criminal underbelly of Hell’s Kitchen.

Similar to the Kingpin and Daredevil, it is the dynamic (read: power struggle) between Jessica and Kilgrave that will underpin Marvel’s Jessica Jones series, and every piece of marketing released so far boasts all the signs of a dark and manipulative affair.

Marvel will debut all 13 episodes of Jessica Jones in one fell swoop, effectively teeing up another core member of its Defenders universe, come November 20.