Oliver Will Make Amends With A Mortal Enemy In Arrow Season 8


If you’ve been following our coverage of Arrow‘s eighth and final season coming out of San Diego Comic-Con, then there’s a good chance you’re getting hyped for a variety of guest appearances. So far, we’ve learned that the likes of Colin Donnell, Josh Segarra and Susanna Thompson will return to reprise their respective roles as Tommy Merlyn, Adrian Chase and Moira Queen very early on in the broadcast year.

As you may have heard, each of those reunions with Oliver Queen may not go as expected, for these folks likely won’t be the same people we originally met – but I guess that’s the fun of playing around with doppelgangers. And because of this strange turn of events, Ollie will reportedly make amends with five characters within the first three episodes to air.

According to Stephen Amell, one of them is “his f**king mortal enemy,” thus leading us to believe he’s talking about Adrian Chase. As vile as Prometheus proved himself to be back in season 5, we can’t exactly rule out a more altruistic version of him existing somewhere in the multiverse. Alternatively, the producers may pull off a craftier way of making such a memorable scene go down.

Like we said, there’s more of Tommy Merlyn on the way, though it’s already been hinted that we’ll see him in a capacity never before witnessed. Because of that cryptic tease, theories of him suiting up as the Dark Archer are already circulating.

Beyond Tommy, Adrian and Moira, your guess is as good as ours as to whom the other two characters may be. But when you factor in how episode 8×02 will be a throwback to season 3, then we could possibly add Cynthia Addai-Robinson’s Amanda Waller and Rila Fukushima’s Katana to the tally. That’s purely speculative, of course, but those two did receive a fair amount of screentime back in the day.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 15th on The CW.