Another Classic Arrow Character Is Returning In Season 8


With Arrow about to enter its eighth and final season, it’s really looking like the producers are going all out to assure that the show goes out with a bang. Already, we’ve learned that Colin Donnell and Josh Segarra are returning as Tommy Merlyn and Adrian Chase, respectively, with more surprises expected for the final ten episodes.

Well, it looks like we can cross another name off the list (no, I’m not talking about Oliver’s book from season 1) of familiar favorites to make a comeback, as Susanna Thompson will indeed reprise her role as Moira Queen. I’m assuming this is one of those surprises Stephen Amell hinted at in his most recent Instagram video.

Speaking with Green Arrow TV at San Diego Comic-Con, consulting producer Marc Guggenheim had this to say about what’s on the horizon, specifically when it comes to the premiere:

“It’s a love letter to the show; it really is. I was telling Beth [Schwartz], it felt a lot like the series finale, not the season premiere, in the best possible way, almost to the point where we’re like ‘what are we going to do for the series finale?’ I mean, we know, obviously, but it has that kind of resonance to it, and that’s exciting.”

If your memory serves you well, then you should remember how Moira was brutally slain by Deathstroke near the end of season 2. In the time since, Susanna Thompson has stopped by a few more times, most notably for crossovers. Still, her character technically remains dead.

Right now, there’s no way of telling whether this development is a result of time travel or adventures throughout the multiverse, but I’m intrigued nonetheless. Let’s just hope that Willa Holland follows suit because we deserve to see Thea Queen one last time before the series wraps.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 15th on The CW.