Stephen Amell Thanks Arrow Cast And Crew As Season 8 Premiere Filming Wraps


When the Arrow panel conducted at San Diego Comic-Con finally rolled around this past weekend, we came to find the first trailer promoting the eighth and final season consisted mostly of older footage. In other words, it was very much a retrospective, and played as a highlight reel revisiting the finer points from Oliver Queen’s journey. Actually, it was rather befitting because the show has really come a long way.

When it came to new footage, there wasn’t too much to speak of, though we did get to see those new Green Arrow and Black Siren costumes in action. Truth be told, it’s quite understandable why there wasn’t much fresh content available, and that’s because the season premiere had still been filming.

As of now, shooting on episode 8×01 has officially wrapped, as Stephen Amell revealed in the Instagram video embedded below. In it, he thanks his cast and crew, in addition to promising more videos like this throughout the season. Routine as it may sound, it’ll give us all a good idea of how things are progressing.

If you were paying attention, then it sounds like the premiere is when we’ll be reunited with Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell) and Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra), though we’ve been told not to expect the men we knew before in past reports. As anticipated, theories of time travel and multiverse hopping are running rampant.

Also of note was Amell hinting at having to give callbacks to past set pieces and action sequences. This could support the time travel notion, but we can’t be too sure until showtime. But if one thing is a virtual lock, it’s probably that we’ll once again see the old Queen mansion before it’s all said and done.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 15th on The CW.