Colin Donnell Teases A Big Change To Tommy Merlyn In Arrow Season 8


With Arrow soon commencing its eighth and final season, it’d be foolish not to think the producers won’t go all out by securing some huge guest stars. After all, everybody in front of and behind the camera likely wants to assure this show goes out with a bang.

If you’ve been following recent news pertaining to the series, then you’ve already heard about how a few returning favorites have been confirmed – specifically Colin Donell, Josh Segarra and Susanna Thompson, who’ll reprise their respective roles as Tommy Merlyn, Adrian Chase and Moira Queen. Just don’t expect them to be exactly like the iterations we originally knew.

While speaking with TV Guide at San Diego Comic-Con, Donnell himself had this to say about his comeback:

“It’s been a gift to be able to come back over the years and over the seasons and be a continued part of the family as it’s grown into what it is now. It’s cool to see what our show was and to see how it’s expanded into the whole Arrowverse that exists now. I’m really proud of it and happy to be back for this last season in a very different way. You know, to sort of cap off a whole eight years of our lives. It was cool.”

Now, here’s where it really gets interesting, as he continued with this:

“I think Stephen said it best at Comic-Con. I think fans are going to see Tommy in a way that they’ve maybe wanted for a while.”

Okay, I’m just taking a shot in the dark here, but I’m thinking we’re finally going to see Tommy suit up as the Dark Archer. When Arrow originally premiered, many of us assumed that the producers had pulled a Smallville by first introducing Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn as friends, similar to how the Superman prequel series did with Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. Ultimately, the Dark Archer was unmasked as Malcolm Merlyn, but that’s the beauty of playing around with doppelgangers.

If anything, this gives us yet another reason to check out Arrow‘s season premiere on Tuesday, October 15th on The CW.