Legends Of Tomorrow Makes Olivia Swann’s Astra A Series Regular

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4

Legends of Tomorrow fans will be pleased to learn that Olivia Swann’s Astra Logue has been confirmed as a regular for season 6. We first met her in the second half of the fourth season, where it was revealed that John Constantine had screwed up an exorcism that resulted in her accidentally being sentenced to an eternity of torture in Hell. And honestly, I’d be pretty mad if that happened to me, too.

While in Hell, one of the three Greek fates took her under her wing and used her as a weapon. Over the course of season 5, we saw her stealing evil souls and setting them free from Hell, apparently positioning her as the primary villain for the series. However, she soon turned towards the side of good after the Legends rescued her from Hell and explained how she was being manipulated by the Fates. We last left her having moved in with John Constantine and deciding to live a normal life on Earth.

Well, normal in relative terms anyway, as the Legends will be going up against aliens in season 6 and hoping to rescue their team leader Sara Lance, who was abducted by them in the season 5 finale. It remains to be seen exactly what role Astra be playing in this, but showrunner Phil Klemmer has insisted that she’ll remain “totally amoral and cutthroat” despite being on the side of the heroes.

But exactly when we’re going to get to see all this remains in question. The CW’s Arrowverse lineup has been hit particularly hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. The first impact was shortened seasons for The Flash and Batwoman, and lockdown restrictions have meant a slow return to shooting. Right now, the show simply has a premiere date of “2021,” but let’s hope Legends of Tomorrow comes back early in 2021 rather than towards the end of the year.