One Of Nora’s Big Secrets Will Be Revealed Early On In The Flash Season 5


After appearing in a series of brief cameos throughout the season, Jessica Parker Kennedy’s mystery girl was finally revealed as Nora West-Allen, Barry and Iris’ speedster daughter from the future, in the season 4 finale of The Flash. Of course, this raises a whole lot of questions that we’re desperate to find out the answers to, and one of those will apparently be revealed fairly early on in season 5.

Kennedy told Newsarama that we can expect the first of Nora’s big secrets to come out pretty soon, teasing that it might be the reason why her character is so much closer to her father than her mother, as has been discussed by Candice Patton in the past.

“Something has obviously happened for me to feel much closer to my father than my mother. It’s something you’ll find out relatively early on in the season.”

What could it be that causes this family rift in the future? Why does Nora fall out with Iris so badly that she holds a grudge against her mom’s younger self? Do things not work out for the West-Allens in the future and they divorce, with Nora blaming Iris? Or maybe it’s worse than that and there’s a death in the family. Perhaps that’s why Nora came running to the present in order to see her parents in happier times?

As mentioned above, Candice Patton previously revealed that Iris will be left saddened by how Nora gives her the cold shoulder but quickly bonds with Barry. The journalist in her will come out as she tries to get to the bottom of Nora’s problem with her, which is presumably the secret that Kennedy’s teasing will be revealed in an early season 5 episode.

Kennedy’s also promised that, as you’d expect, Nora is much more like her dad in terms of her personality. She’s inherited his superpowers, after all, with Grant Gustin teasing that an awesome action sequence in the season 5 premiere of The Flash will make use of both speedsters. Color us excited!