One of Netflix’s most polarizing shows is back for a new season

emily in paris

It would be reasonable to expect a Netflix series that got an early Season 2 renewal a month after premiering, drew in 58 million subscribers in the first four weeks it was available, spent 40 consecutive days on the United Kingdom’s Top 10 most-watched list, and landed Golden Globe nominations in the Best Television Series and Best Actress – Musical or Comedy categories would be an unqualified success. And yet, a lot of people do not care for Emily in Paris.

A 64% Rotten Tomatoes score and 54% user rating for Season 1 is not the response that defines prestige TV, but people couldn’t help themselves from checking it out.

emily in paris

Emily in Paris also became engulfed in controversy when its Golden Globe nods were first announced, after it turned out that 30 members of the voting body had been flown to the French capital, put up for two nights in a fancy hotel and treated to an exclusive and very pricey lunch, all at the expense of production house Paramount Network.

The second season is now streaming as of today, which will no doubt entice many curious viewers to discover whether or not Emily in Paris has actually improved. A current RT score of 64% would say no, not really, but it’ll more than likely put in a strong showing over the coming weeks.