Orphan Black’s Most Exciting Moments…So Far



Clones and clones and clones! Oh my! BBC America’s Orphan Black has only aired two seasons (with a 10-episode third season on its way in spring 2015), but the progressive sci-fi drama has managed to broadcast some of the best moments on the small screen. I think we can thank Tatiana Maslany for that, which brings the question: why hasn’t she been nominated for an Emmy?

As much as I’d like to, I’m not here to discuss Maslany’s continuous snubs for her phenomenal acting (how many roles does she play?!). However, that’s a question and a feature for another day. Rather, I’m here to focus on just a few of the best moments from both seasons of Orphan Black.

With so many fantastic ones, it’s hard to narrow down some of the top scenes. From Helena’s eating habits to soccer mom Alison singing Meredith Brooks’ “Bitch” in her van to Sarah getting it on with Paul to keep her cover (can you blame the girl?) to Cosima’s badass biological ways to babysitter Felix, Orphan Black knows how to produce some of the most intoxicating, hilarious, beautiful and intense scenes on TV today.

With that said, here are just a few of the best moments (10, to be exact) from Orphan Black, so far.

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