Oscar Isaac hints that his ‘Moon Knight’ costume wasn’t exactly comfortable

Image via Disney/Marvel Studios

Much to the delight of Marvel fans, Disney Plus’ incoming Moon Knight TV series looks to be a faithful adaptation of the cult favorite comic book character. From what we’ve seen in the trailers, the anti-hero’s white hooded uniform has been given a pitch-perfect update for the screen, with its layered, complex design calling back to the Ancient Egyptian origins of Moony’s powers.

But, although the costume looks great on film, spare a thought for Oscar Isaac trapped inside it when watching. The former Star Wars star opened up about the struggles of fitting into his super-suit while attending the Moon Knight premiere this week. Going by what he told ComicBook.com, the full costume wasn’t the most comfortable thing to wear.

“I would not describe it as slipping into it,” Isaac said when asked what it was like to slip into the suit. “More like wedged, stuffed, and squeezed into it.”

Donning a superhero costume is much harder work than most people realize, with Robert Pattinson previously discussing his troubles acting in the cape and cowl on The Batman. We know that one of the three Spideys in Spider-Man: No Way Home had a false behind fitted into their spandex (though no one is saying who).

The unfortunate thing is this isn’t even the first time Isaac has had to deal with wearing a restrictive costume in a comic book flick. He once played blue-skinned mutant god Apocalypse on X-Men: Apocalypse, which required him to be covered in prosthetics from head to toe, meaning he couldn’t so much as sit down.

The upside this time is that Marc Spector has so many different facets to his personality that Oscar Isaac didn’t have to wear the full suit for the whole six-episode shoot. We’ll see him in action when Moon Knight makes its Disney Plus debut in just a few days on March 30.