Oscar Isaac names the Marvel hero he’d love to team up with

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Oscar Isaac is hitting the interview circuit to promote his MCU debut as Steven Grant/Marc Spector in hotly anticipated Disney Plus show Moon Knight. Though many have dubbed this Isaac’s “Marvel debut”, he’s actually one of the more prolific Marvel actors, having appeared in three separate cinematic universes.

His first was caked under prosthetics as Apocalypse in X-Men: Apocalypse, his next was a brief post-credits cameo as Miguel O’Hara’s Spider-Man 2099 at the end of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and he’ll go on to reprise that role in the upcoming Across the Spider-Verse.

All of which should give him some decent Marvel knowledge, so when he was asked by Hits Radio which MCU character he’d love to see Moon Knight to team up with, he didn’t hesitate to come up with an answer.

“I mean, he’s a bit of a loner, so that’s the thing. I don’t know maybe… Who would he get along with in the MCU out of everyone? Maybe Hulk! Yeah, I could see it happen.”

Moon Knight and Hulk have indeed crossed paths in the comics, and given that both characters’ powers are as much a curse as a gift, they have a lot in common. They each have to wrestle with alter egos they can never truly control, and they’d simply like to live the normal life they can’t have, not to mention their shared potential for immense destruction.

There was even a rumor that Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner/Hulk will appear in the Disney Plus show, though at this point it seems that was wishful thinking rather than anything grounded in fact. From what we’ve seen, Moon Knight has very few connections to the wider MCU, and is the most standalone of all the Disney Plus shows.

Whatever the case, we’ll soon get to see for ourselves.

Moon Knight will premiere on Disney Plus on March 30, and air weekly until May 4.

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