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Oscar Isaac says ‘Moon Knight’ ends with a healing experience

Although he obviously wouldn't be drawn on specifics, Oscar Isaac teases that the ending of 'Moon Knight' is all about healing.

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Even though Moon Knight hasn’t even premiered yet, but there admittedly isn’t long to go until the Marvel Cinematic Universe series lands this coming Wednesday, Oscar Isaac is already fielding questions about the ending on the promotional circuit.

While that’s par for the course when it comes to the latest project hailing from the biggest franchise on the planet, it’s not as if Kevin Feige is going to give the okay for his cast and crew to suddenly head down the Morbius route and start throwing spoilers around with reckless abandon.

However, the star of the six-episode event has done his best to dance around the status of Marc Spector by the time the credits roll on the first of what could be many seasons during an interview with Total Film, where he once again harked back to the underlying theme and message of the entire show.

“I wouldn’t want to spoil anything, but what I can say is that what we really tried to do is map out the journey of integration and then how that is a step in healing from trauma, and that the real superpower that this character, or these characters, have is their experiences. And when those things can be integrated, as opposed to pushed away, that’s where real strength comes from.”

That might be fairly vague for now, it’ll make complete sense in a few weeks from now when Moon Knight reaches the end of the road, with many fans expecting the longtime cult favorite’s long-awaited live-action debut to go down as one of the MCU’s finest efforts yet.

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