Oscar Isaac teases his MCU future after ‘Moon Knight’

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It pretty much goes without saying that upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe series Moon Knight will not mark Oscar Isaac’s sole contribution to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the only question is what comes next after the longtime fan favorite finally debuts in live-action.

The leading man has described the project as a limited series, so additional seasons might not be on the table, but it isn’t like Marvel has upwards of 30 other projects in development in which to parachute the nocturnal vigilante. There’s been plenty of rumblings surrounding the Midnight Sons, too, so there are literally dozens of options to extend Moon Knight’s residency.

Speaking to Empire, Isaac sounded highly doubtful that his self-titled solo show will be the only time we see him grace our screens, and it’s clear that he’s had a blast playing a character that might be the MCU’s darkest protagonist yet.

“I can’t imagine this is the last time you’ll see Moon Knight in the MCU. He’s too much fun. It depends on whether people see the freakin’ show first. f they see it, then maybe we’ll see more Moon Knight. But I love playing him. Particularly Steven. I hope I get to visit him again. I love him so much. I feel he’s someone real, who lives in the world. It’s been a long time since I felt that kind of connection.”

We’re only a few weeks away from Moon Knight premiering on streaming, and when Kevin Feige comes right out and says it’ll mark a huge tonal shift for the shared superhero saga, you’d better listen. Everything we’ve seen and heard about the episodic effort has done nothing but generate more hype, and we’re feeling confident our expectations will be met.

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