‘Ozark’ producer addresses possible spinoffs once the show ends


We’ve only got seven episodes left before Ozark rides off into the sunset with a reputation firmly secured as one of Netflix’s best-ever original shows, and based on the numbers pulled in by the first half of the fourth season, subscribers aren’t ready to bid farewell to the Byrde clan and their associates just yet.

While we can fully expect the main story to be brought to a definitive and satisfying conclusion, there’s been widespread support among fans to see Julia Garner’s breakout favorite Ruth Langmore get her own spinoff show, although that’s entirely dependent on whether she makes it out of the finale alive.

Speaking to ScreenRant, Ozark co-creator Mark Williams admitted that he hadn’t given much thought to either offshoots or continuations, but he hardly sounded as though he was vehemently against the idea.

“I haven’t personally [thought about it] and I think it’s for Netflix and Chris [Mundy] to really figure out a little bit more how they want to take it, if they do that path. But I’d be thrilled for that to happen, obviously Ruth has been such a great character throughout, but I think it’s got to be right for it. I think what we don’t want to do is just put out another version just to have. I think Better Call Saul is the perfect fit, obviously, they did it so well on top of Breaking Bad, so I think it only makes sense if it works.”

Not every popular and acclaimed series needs to be given a spinoff to keep milking the property for all that it’s worth, but like Williams said, Better Call Saul comfortably stepped out from the looming shadow of Breaking Bad to go down as a critical darling in its own right.

That obviously doesn’t mean every spinoff will find the same levels of success, but it certainly sounds like the idea hasn’t been taken completely off the table.