‘Ozark’ star Julia Garner reveals her unlikely Mike Tyson inspiration

Image via Netflix

Ozark star Julia Garner has memorably solidified herself as a talented young actress with exceptional range, as seen in her performance as Ruth Langmore — especially during a particular screaming scene — in the intense Netflix series.

While speaking on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the 28-year-old actress revealed that several inspirations led to her blood-curdling scream during a season four scene in Ozark. According to Garner, her two main inspirations include the chaotic paintings from Caravaggio, along with the sheer intensity of boxer Mike Tyson.

I’m very visual and I get inspired from different things, and I really kind of just wanted the spirit of a Caravaggio painting, and the darkness. And, you know, I feel like Caravaggio paints intensity and chaos so well. But that wasn’t really doing [it]. I got inspired by it, but there was still something missing. And then I realized Mike Tyson is also another inspiration for me.

Host Jimmy Fallon then presented a photo of Mike Tyson after his controversial fight with Evander Holyfield. While pointing at the photo, Garner insisted, “This face could be in a Caravaggio painting. Don’t you think so?” Between the chaotic artwork and intense image of Tyson, both proved to be crucial points of influence to allow Garner to portray such a complex character like Ruth. Furthermore, Garner expressed the intense headspace she placed herself in to perfectly deliver the viral scream scene in the finale of part one.

Part-one of Ozark season four is currently streaming now on Netflix. You can also catch Garner playing SoHo Grifter Anna Delvey in Inventing Anna, premiering on Netflix Feb. 11.