New Pacific Rim Animated Series Now Streaming On Netflix

Pacific Rim Uprising

If you can’t wait until the end of the month’s Godzilla vs. Kong to get your fix of giant monster action, then luckily Netflix’s latest high profile anime series has arrived to tide you over until the next installment in the MonsterVerse arrives on the 31st.

Pacific Rim: The Black is set after the events of the two live-action blockbusters, and follows two siblings heading out in search of their parents in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the kaiju have overrun the planet and established themselves at the top of the food chain. The feature film franchise might be in cold storage after sequel Uprising disappointed at the box office, but Netflix have stepped in to keep the brand alive, and if the trailers are any indication, fans are going to be pretty pleased with the results.

pacific rim the black

Of course, Uprising director Steven S. DeKnight recently revealed his plans for Pacific Rim 3 to tie into the MonsterVerse, something Guillermo del Toro admitted he’d love to see happen, and while it looks as though it’ll never materialize now, at least we have this new anime series.

As you may’ve noticed, the streaming service has been going all-in on anime shows based on popular properties recently, with The Batman writer Mattson Tomlin’s Terminator being announced last week, while Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider and Kong Skull: Island are also on the way. It’s certainly the ideal way to continue expanding the Pacific Rim universe, too, with the artform allowing the creative freedom to deliver awe-inspiring action without having to break the bank in terms of budget, and should The Black perform well with subscribers and trouble the Top 10 most-watched list, then the company will no doubt find themselves emboldened to continue reinventing well-known properties as exclusive animated projects.