Patrick Sabongui Joins The Flash Pilot In A Recurring Role


We’re moving ever closer to seeing the scarlet speedster on the small screen, with The CW’s Arrow spinoff The Flash currently filming in Vancouver. The supporting players have been cast, and we recently got our first look at the Flash himself, Grant Gustin, in costume (or, at least, his head in costume). Now, we’re just waiting to see if the Arrow spinoff will find success with executives over at The CW and race its way onto the small screen next fall.

Today we’ve learnt from THR that Patrick Sabongui has joined the cast in the role of Central City Police Captain David Singh. He’s expected to have a recurring part if the show gets picked up to series, which means he’ll probably be doing a lot of yelling at Barry Allen week to week.

Interestingly enough, Sabongui has already had tiny parts in two season 1 episodes of Arrow, as Soldier #2 in “The Huntress Returns” and Street Dealer in “Vertigo.” They’re definitely bit parts that no one really noticed, but it’s still interesting that he’s made appearances in this DC TV universe before. Maybe the folks over at DC Entertainment liked what they saw and decided to relocate him to Central City?

Sabongui has been around for a while, taking on small, supporting roles on TV (Almost Human, The Tomorrow People, Fringe) and in movies (Godzilla, The Smurfs 2, Warm Bodies). This is definitely his biggest role to date though, so we’re interested to see what he does with it. With production fully underway for the rest of the month, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any other casting news or developments.

The Flash, if picked up, will air on The CW this fall.

Source: THR