Nickelodeon Orders Up SpongeBob Spinoff The Patrick Star Show


According to a report published by Deadline, Patrick Star will star (pun intended) in his very own SpongeBob SquarePants spinoff, aptly titled The Patrick Star Show. As of right now, the sponge’s lifelong sidekick is slated to be portrayed by Bill Fagerbakke, who’s provided the voice for the character ever since his first TV appearance.

Deadline expects that the project will be thirteen episodes long and produced by the same team that makes the main series. Voiceover recordings have reportedly started already and while Nickelodeon have thus far declined to comment on the project, there’s no reason to doubt the legitimacy of the report.

What will fans be able to expect from The Patrick Star Show, though? Well, according to Deadline, it’ll be heavily inspired by The Larry Sanders Show as well as Comedy Bang! Bang! Basically, Patrick will play the host of his own late night talk show. Guests might not necessarily include familiar faces, either, as Deadline states that Fagerbakke’s starfish will be joined by a new cast of characters.


The report mentions that Patrick’s family may be involved, too, which would be interesting, as the character’s family has yet to appear in the main series. Although a couple claiming to be Patrick’s parents played a supporting role in an episode from an earlier season, they turned out to be completely unrelated to him. As such, this spinoff will have more or less free range to explore Patrick’s true lineage.

News of The Patrick Star Show follows the announcement of another SpongeBob spinoff series that we caught wind of last year, this one a thirteen episode-long and CG-animated prequel show titled Kamp Koral. It’s slated to premiere on CBS All Access though rather than the network housing its parent program, Nickelodeon.