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Patrick Stewart Game To Return As Professor X On Legion

According to Legion star Dan Stevens, Patrick Stewart is down to return to the role of Professor X and it's up to the producers to make it happen.

X-Men Professor X

The most impressive superhero film of 2017 was without a doubt James Mangold’s Logan. It brought us a moving, pared down and satisfying conclusion to Wolverine’s story and was also the best possible send off you could imagine for Hugh Jackman. But it wasn’t just the Aussie actor who saw his time in the role come to an end, as the spinoff also gave us the final appearance of Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier/Professor X.

No doubt invigorated by the terrific script, both individuals delivered their most accomplished turns as the characters yet, and though fans have been calling for the actors to return to their roles again, Stewart and Jackman have both been pretty adamant that they’ve left the X-Men franchise behind them.

That being said, it seems that the former may be rethinking things. As you’ve surely heard, Professor X is coming to Legion in the show’s third season, where he’ll be played by former Game of Thrones star Harry Lloyd. But what are the chances of Stewart stopping by as well for a quick cameo?

Star Dan Stevens was asked this very question recently and revealed that it’s not as unlikely as fans might think.

“I keep pitching it to him and he seems game,” Stevens said.

The actor was quick to note though that the decision to bring Stewart back is ultimately up to the producers.

“But yeah you have to ask [producer] Lauren Shuler Donner, really, it’s not my job,” he stated.

So, that’s hardly a firm confirmation that Sir Patrick will be suiting up again as Professor X, but it’s nice to hear that he’s at least interested in the idea and with any luck, Legion season 3 will bring us a cameo from the iconic X-Men leader. After all, this will be the show’s last season, so if they’re going to make it happen, now’s the time.

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