Patrick Stewart says Picard is ‘struggling’ in season 2

This article contains minor spoilers for Picard season two

Star Trek: Picard, the eighth series in the growing franchise, debuted in 2020 to positive reviews for Hollywood legend Patrick Stewart as the iconic Jean-Luc Picard. The first season won numerous awards, including the Emmy for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup. 

In a conversation with Variety, Stewart revealed that Picard is struggling. Here’s what the actor had to say when asked where the viewers find him at the beginning of the second season:

Struggling. He is struggling. He is fully conscious that, in many respects, he’s a very lucky individual. He has resources. He has a wonderful home, which is also an income. He has a number of quite profound friendships. But he’s lonely. Very early in the first episode of Season 2, we see one possible solution to his loneliness — his relationship with Laris, who’s been his housekeeper, and wife of the man who looked after the estate. But [her husband] has died and there seems to be the stirrings of a new kind of relationship for Picard.

Spoilers follow

Without giving away too much, the season opener continues to explore Picard’s romantic loss, and features some more time travel and a new ship! What fans would be most excited about this season will no doubt be the return of a very familiar face.

The first episode of Star Trek: Picard season two aired yesterday on Paramount Plus, and will run through May 5 with 10 episodes. This season was shot back to back with season three, which will be out in 2023, but they feature different stories entirely.