‘Peacemaker’ fans are tired of waiting for the show to be available in the U.K.

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While U.S. fans have been enjoying Peacemaker for the past few weeks, British DC lovers have still yet to get the chance to catch the John Cena-starring series. HBO Max’s lack of a launch in the U.K. has always been a cause of frustration, but it often hasn’t been a big deal as the platform’s biggest releases have ended up coming out via other channels or platforms across the pond. With Peacemaker, though, no such luck.

With episode six, that’s just two from the end of the season, dropping on HBO Max in the States this week, British fans are getting tired of waiting for Peacemaker to arrive and are venting their frustrations about it on Twitter.

People keep asking the same question, but nobody’s giving them an answer.

The two downsides of living in the U.K.

Come on, HBO, do it for the Vigilante fans.

The week of Peacemaker‘s premiere last month, creator James Gunn addressed the elephant in the room on social media, admitting that he gets asked when the show will debut in countries without HBO Max “a hundred times a day.” He stressed that he is working with HBO to sort something out and promised that it will launch in the U.K. specifically “very soon.” Three weeks later, though, Gunn has yet to offer any further updates on the subject.

Star Jennifer Holland, who features opposite Cena’s Christopher Smith as tough black-ops operative Emilia Harcourt, has also addressed the issue on Twitter. Holland agreed with a fan that it was a “travesty” it’s not available in the U.K. and even suggested an illicit workaround for those who wish to let out their inner Peacemaker-like supercriminal…

For those in the U.S., Peacemaker continues this Thursday on HBO Max with what could be the best episode of the lot.

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