‘Peacemaker’ fans can’t compute how different the Vigilante actor looks out of character


Peacemaker fans cannot compute how different Vigilante actor Freddie Stroma looks out of character. With his oversized ’80s-style glasses and overgrown manchild attitude, the hit HBO Max show’s Adrian Chase has to be the dweebiest serial-killing superhero out there. And Stroma embodies the role so well that the internet is now losing it over how he looks nothing like Vigilante in real life.

Twitter user @kingsosbff shared a viral tweet in which they compared a shot of Adrian from Peacemaker with Stroma IRL. Though you can see it’s the same guy — especially thanks to his big grin — everything else about him is unrecognizable. The fan questioned the transformation in their caption, adding that “maybe the clark kent [sic] disguise does work.”

Some folks cannot be convinced that these two pictures are the same person.

The mystery gets even weirder when you realize that Stroma is usually a blonde. He even appeared in the sixth Harry Potter movie in his younger days, as Gryffindor student Cormac McLaggen.

Don’t forget he was also in Bridgerton as Prince Friedrich.

The people of Twitter aren’t the first to be wowed by Stroma’s Peacemaker transformation. It turns out that his co-star John Cena was also blown away when he first heard Stroma speak with his natural British accent, as the English actor kept up the American voice he uses in the show for the duration of production. So not only did he transform his look for the series, but also how he sounds. Now that’s commitment.

The good news is that Freddie Stroma will be back as Vigilante for Peacemaker season two, which was confirmed to be on its way shortly before the season one finale dropped last week. For the moment, you can stream all eight episodes released so far on HBO Max.

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