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John Cena had no idea his ‘Peacemaker’ co-star was British until shooting wrapped

Peacemaker director James Gunn has revealed that John Cena learned his co-star was British only after shooting wrapped.

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You’d think that doing some background check on your co-stars would be pretty standard, if for nothing else than to get a general feeling of what you’re dealing with. Hilariously enough, director James Gunn has revealed that wasn’t the case at all with John Cena and Peacemaker.

The DCEU series is enjoying an extremely successful debut on HBO Max due to its peculiar humor and the meta nature of its narrative. The show doesn’t hold anything back regardless of how controversial it might sound, and no one is taking themselves more seriously than they should.

Having only gone through four episodes up to this point, it’s safe to say that the journey has been worth every penny that Warner Bros. spent on James Gunn’s vision, though the director has teased that the last couple of episodes will be absolutely bonkers. Considering the precedents the show has set up until now, makes us both terrified and excited about the prospects of what comes next.

Speaking of things that sound bonkers, Gunn took to Twitter today to reveal that John Cena went through the entirety of the show’s production without knowing that his main co-star Freddie Stroma was actually British and imitating an American accent.

Stroma’s Vigilante does a brilliant job of enunciating his dialogue with the accent, but it’s a wonder how Cena went through months of shooting without being tipped-off. Though imagining him doing his “shocked John Cena” face when he learned the truth is giving us a good chuckle.

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