‘Peacemaker’ guest star reacts to surprise cameo as iconic hero

Image via HBO

This article contains spoilers for the Peacemaker season finale from the off.

This week’s Peacemaker finale pulled out all the stops in order to deliver a truly internet-breaking final episode of the hit HBO Max show’s debut season. Fans were expecting some kind of cameo, or maybe two, but in no way were we anticipating what showrunner James Gunn delivered. Though Peacemaker stands as the first DCEU TV spinoff, we didn’t think there was any way the franchise’s top-level heroes were going to drop by, but drop by they did. Following the episode’s release, von Ilberg took to Instagram to share a clear shot of herself in the Wonder Woman costume, clearly excited over getting to dip her toes into such an iconic character.

But drop by they did. The finale featured the one and only Justice League in a mind-melting scene that saw Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller reprise their roles as Aquaman and the Flash. Superman and Wonder Woman were also included in the sequence, although they were kept in the shadows as Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot were not available to return. While the Man of Steel’s stand-in has yet to be confirmed, actress and stunt performer Kimberly von Ilberg took over the part of Diana of Themyscira for this cameo.

“I’ve been wanting to post this photo since last May!!” the actress wrote in her caption. “COME ON WONDER WOMAN haha. Coolest gig by far!! Cant believe I was blessed to wear [Gal Gadot’s] real wardrobe and hair. What is my life.”

In typical Peacemaker style, the League’s cameo didn’t exactly cast them in the best light, as the heroes arrived too late on the scene to save the day. Not to mention that John Cena’s title character accused Aquaman of some indecent aquatic acts. While most seemed to love the unexpected, foul-mouthed scene, some were a little put off by seeing the League depicted in this way. Still, it’s hard to deny simply seeing the Justice League reunited on-screen hit hard.

Who knows, maybe we’ll end up getting more big-name superheroes in Peacemaker season two.