‘Peacemaker’ star teases ‘crazy sh*t’ in next week’s finale


It goes without saying that fans are incredibly hyped for the final episode of Peacemaker, not only because the raucous R-rated superhero series has been a delight so far, but also due to the intense levels of secrecy that surround the last installment.

James Gunn refused to let critics see it, which means we’ve got no idea what’s in store for Christopher Smith and the rest of the gang, a refreshing change of pace in an era where spoilers are more prevalent than ever. The filmmaker and his cast members have been teasing something insane that even they couldn’t believe they got away with under the Warner Bros. and DC Films banner, so we’re just as curious as we are excited.

In a recent chat with TVLine, star Jennifer Holland hinted that we’re not ready for what’s coming, while also addressing talk of a potential season 2 renewal.

“To some degree, I think the way that [series creator James Gunn] approached season 1 was that he wanted to make sure that the story was a complete one. There might be hints to other things, but I don’t know that he had any clear idea that there would be a season 2 when he wrote season 1, if that makes any sense. I think there’s always the hope that that’s going to happen, but there’s never really any conversation about it until you know how it’s being received … But I will say this: Some crazy sh*t happens in episode 8!”

Based on the wave of buzz and momentum to have greeted Peacemaker thus far, further adventures for John Cena’s title hero are beginning to look like a foregone conclusion. That being said, don’t be surprised if Gunn pulls the rug out from under everyone next week, given his anarchic streak and penchant for subverting expectations.

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