Pedro Pascal Reportedly Not Quitting The Mandalorian, Will Return For Future Seasons


The Star Wars franchise is no stranger to rumors of behind the scenes discontent, with virtually every project set in a galaxy far, far away suffering from some sort of creative turmoil ever since Disney purchased Lucasfilm back in 2012. However, The Mandalorian‘s first season appeared to go off without a single hitch, and it surely can’t be a coincidence that it also turned out to be the first effort under the Mouse House’s purview to receive unanimous praise.

That being said, some people love to stir the pot, and there were reports making the rounds earlier this month that leading man Pedro Pascal had quit the production halfway through season 2 after becoming disenfranchised with his role given that it required him to wear a helmet for most of his time on screen. Insider Grace Randolph was the first to make the claims, which were then backed up by the notoriously unreliable Doomcock, leaving many to question their authenticity.

After all, Pascal would have known full well that Mando keeps his helmet on whatever the circumstances, and it isn’t like the respected actor would suddenly throw his toys out of the pram because his handsome face wasn’t getting enough screentime. Still, with Lucasfilm choosing to keep quiet, fans began to get a bit worried.

Now, the latest update comes from Latino Review Media, who’ve poured cold water on earlier reports by saying that the former Game of Thrones alum is very much an important part of the show’s future. Of course, people love to hear salacious stories of big names falling out, especially when it comes to a major property like Star Wars, so it isn’t surprising that this rumor has gained so much traction.

We’d still advise taking this with a grain of salt, as again, the studio has yet to comment on it, but according to LRM, things are just fine behind the scenes – even if there was a little issue a while back.

“According to our source, Pedro Pascal will be wearing the Mandalorian suit for the future seasons. From what we learned is that there was a dispute over “creative differences” (a term overused in Hollywood) while filming Season 2 but it was resolved quickly.”

The Mandalorian will return for a second season in less a month, and if LRM is to be believed, then it seems Pedro Pascal will be back for as many seasons as Jon Favreau is planning to have the show run for.