Pedro Pascal Reportedly Getting A Lot More Money For The Mandalorian Season 3

The Mandalorian

The stars of any moderately successful TV show always end up seeing their salaries exponentially increase with each passing season, to the extent that the highest paid talents on the small screen regularly pocket millions of dollars per episode.

Following Gina Carano’s recent firing from The Mandalorian, it was reported that the actress was making between $25,000 and $50,000 per installment, which is hardly chump change but still less than you’d expect from a company with pockets as deep as Disney, without even mentioning that season 2 saw the Star Wars spinoff become the most popular show on the planet.

Meanwhile, as the leading man and title hero, Pedro Pascal is presumably awarded the biggest salary out of all the series regulars, despite the fact that the majority of his scenes could theoretically be completed entirely without his involvement. And insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that the actor is set to receive a lot more money for season 3. While the tipster offers no additional information, it’s certainly going to be a plum gig for Pascal if it turns out to be true.

After all, the news that the Wonder Woman 1984 star was set to lead HBO’s The Last of Us came with the caveat that he’d signed a first position deal to star as Joel. And in the TV industry, putting pen to paper on a first position contract means that it immediately takes precedent over any and all pre-existing or upcoming commitments to other projects.

Therefore, The Last of Us has instantly usurped The Mandalorian on Pascal’s list of priorities, with his physical involvement as Din Djarin now limited and/or dictated by the shooting schedule for the video game adaptation. So, if the 45 year-old has in fact secured a substantial pay rise, then he’ll get it for being on the set of the Disney Plus phenomenon for the least amount of time yet.