Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian Drama Reportedly Hadn’t Been Resolved As Of A Few Weeks Ago

The Mandalorian

Several months back, unconfirmed reports were making the rounds that Pedro Pascal had grown disillusioned with his role as Din Djarin in The Mandalorian after spending so much time under the helmet, to the extent where he’d simply refused to play ball and stormed off the set. Although these stories were completely unverified, the events of last week’s episode raised an eyebrow or two in certain circles.

Pascal spent more time with his face on show in “The Believer” than he had in the previous fourteen installments combined, leading to the conspiracy theorists positing that he’d got his own way in the end. Obviously, the actor would have been told right off the bat that Mando’s helmet almost always stays on because of how important it is to him as a character, but we digress.

Playing the lead role doesn’t exactly offer much scope for a showy performance, but Pascal gets to portray the title hero in the most popular series on TV, so the job certainly has its perks. In any case, insider Grace Randolph refuses to believe that everything was rosy during production on season 2, and claims that the reported differences between the star and the creative team hadn’t been resolved as recently as a few weeks ago.

“Remember I told you that the Pedro Pascal drama, as far as my sources had heard, had not been totally resolved as just a few weeks ago.”

Randolph also put forward the theory that Din Djarin could be replaced as the focus of the series by Boba Fett, which doesn’t hold much water for a number of reasons based on the announced release date for season 3, and would probably force Jon Favreau to change the name of the show from The Mandalorian to either A Mandalorian or The Kaminoan as well.