The penultimate ‘Stargirl’ episode has DC fans wishing The CW would walk back its cancellation

Image via DC/The CW

Stargirl only has one more episode to go before the series finale, and the superb story has DC fans wanting more.

Nexstar bought The CW and announced that the series and many more would come to an end. The Flash will end in its ninth season, and the ultimate fate of Superman & Lois has yet to be determined. This puts the future of DC’s presence on The CW in jeopardy.

In Stargirl, season three, episode twelve, “The Last Will and Testament of Sylvester Pemberton,” the truth about the super-genius albino gorilla Ultra-Humanite is revealed as is the mystery of the returned JSA hero Sylvester Pemberton/Staman (Joel Mchale). Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl (Brec Bassinger) and her JSA allies are fractured and putting all the pieces together, but it might be too late.

These are some of the reactions of Stargirl fans wishing they had more time with this show.

It’s an emotional time for fans. Season three has been especially strong and there’s still so much story left to tell.

When Stargirl season three premiered, people pointed out that the last season wasn’t heavily marketed at all, which didn’t give it a fighting chance to remain on people’s radar.

In one of the harshest and most emotional scenes of the season, Sylvester has harsh words for Courtney’s stepfather Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson), a fan-favorite character on the show.

There’s still another week to go before the final episode, but fans are already mourning the series,

There’s utter confusion around the cancellation of this beloved show.

Other JSA heroes were referenced in this episode, including, Mr. Terrific, Dr. Fate, and the Spectre, and it reminds the audience just how much the show hasn’t covered yet.

The twist ending was so shocking because it was set up all the way back in season one. It’s disappointing that just when the story is opening up it gets taken away.

Although this is the end for this series there will be a Stargirl crossover with Titans that’s coming up in season three. There’s hope that Stargirl could find a new home on HBO Max alongside Titans and Doom Patrol, so the fight isn’t over yet.

The series finale of Stargirl airs on The CW Dec. 7 at 8 pm ET/PT.