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A behind-the-scenes photo confirms the suspected DC Arrowverse crossover

Arrowverse shows come together again for a new crossover.

Image via DC

The Titans and Stargirl crossover has seemingly been confirmed in a new behind-the-scenes set photo featuring the actors.

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Stargirl lead star Brec Bassinger shared a picture on Twitter of herself in costume alongside Titans‘ Beast Boy actor Ryan Potter, Stargirl executive producer Geoff Johns, and Titans director Eric Dean Seaton. Bassinger jokingly wrote that it was a “Crazy coincidence,” and it all but confirms what fans have been expecting.

The possibility of a possible final Arrowverse crossover blew up when a photo of Blue Valley High School from Stargirl was seen on the set of Titans. The Arrowverse hasn’t had a huge crossover ever since the COVID pandemic affected production schedules and kept the heroes mostly sequestered to their own shows. With so many of them getting the axe, it seemed like it might never happen again.

It’s suspected that Doom Patrol might be joining the crossover as well. All three shows were once part of DC’s former streaming app and have remained separate from DC’s main Arrowverse shows. Titans and Doom Patrol went to HBO Max, and Stargirl continued on The CW. With these three series being some of the last ones standing, this could be a way of garnering more interest and giving fans what they want.

The story is still unknown at this point. With this being a part of Titans, it could involve the villains they’re dealing with in season four. Both Brother Blood (Joseph Morgan) and Lex Luthor (Titus Welliver) will be the antagonists, and the danger they pose is enough to warrant more heroes joining in on the fight.

It’s also unclear if this Stargirl will be the same one from the show or if she will be based on the Titans’ Earth. Unlike the Arrowverse shows The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman, these heroes don’t exist on the same Earth, but with the multiverse, anything’s possible.

Titans is expected to release on HBO Max sometime in November.