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Fans mourn ‘Stargirl’ being part of continued DCU purge at CW

"This is a joke."

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Before The CW got sold to new owners, the network was home to arguably the most successful D.C. Comics live-action universe. Scores of shows called the network home, but now, Stargirl will be gone as a new era continues to develop behind the scenes.

An article published by Variety today confirms the series will end with its currently airing third season. The finale coming Dec. 7 follows other shows being axed and, for fans and talent online, the pain and strain of the news is difficult to digest.

Star Brec Bassinger posted the above earlier today, and found sympathy from a number of fans. One says she and the team were loved, thanks her for her work, and adds that the project will always be something he will long for.

Later, another adds that it is strange this show, which by their standards is good, is ending while the network is continuing on with development of a Gotham Knights show. For them, it borders on humorous, but not to a positive degree.

For Nikki, the action also flies in the face of the ideals the network has expressed in some of its recent endeavors. Essentially, you cannot say you are defying hate when you eliminate a program where just this is done to win, apparently.

Aside from Gotham Knights, Superman & Lois is the only superhero show remaining on the network, for now. Though this may change in the future.

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