Peter Capaldi Says Doctor Who Actors Have “Responsibility” To The Fans


As has been said before, playing the Doctor is a role for life. Even after their tenure on Doctor Who is done, the show will always be the defining entry on the actor’s resume – plus, they’ll be guaranteed a place on the convention circuit for years to come. Current Time Lord Peter Capaldi says there’s something else that a Doctor Who star must carry around, though: a responsibility to be kind to their fans.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the outgoing Doctor talked about how, having once been a childhood fan of the show, he knows how much it means to meet your heroes:

“I think that there is clearly a responsibility, which is very easy to address, because people don’t really ask very much of you. They just like you to show up, and smile at them, and be nice. And actually that’s an incredibly pleasant place to be, on the other side of that.

“As a kid, I liked Doctor Who, so I wouldn’t have liked to have met Doctor Who and found them to be rather unpleasant, or preoccupied with other things. And it doesn’t take much to be friendly. So I just try to be friendly to them, that’s all.”

And he’s not just saying this, either. There’ve been numerous stories over Capaldi’s years in the role of his amazing generosity to the fans. Recently, he spent time meeting and greeting folks after his emotional final day on the show.

Thankfully, his successor – Jodie Whittaker – seems to be just as friendly and kind as Capaldi. As not only the new Doctor, but also Doctor Who‘s first ever female lead, fans have already flocked to meet their newest hero.

Peter Capaldi will bow out of the show in this year’s Christmas special “Twice Upon A Time.” You can bet, though, that he’ll keep the spirit of Doctor Who going even after he vacates the role.

Source: Digital Spy