Legends Of Tomorrow Season 5 Photos Tease The Calm Before The Storm


Legends of Tomorrow technically returns on January 14th with the final part of “Crisis On Infinite Earths,” but after the defeat of the Anti-Monitor and the restoration of the multiverse, it’s back to business as usual for the crew of the Waverider, as seen in a series of photos from season 5’s opening episode.

“Meet the Legends” sees the misfit team having suddenly become famous to the excitement of everyone except Sara, and as a result, a documentary crew is invited to film them as they investigate a timeline issue. This turns out to be caused by Rasputin, one of the souls that Astra has begun releasing from hell after Constantine’s botched exorcism damned her and her time in perdition turned her evil.

The images show the group speaking to an audience and answering questions, which removed from context could be mistaken for having being taken at a convention panel featuring the cast of the show, which is presumably precisely the point. It will likely also serve as a handy exposition dump for the viewers in regards to Behrad, the brother of Zari who became a Legend instead of her when the season 4 finale wiped the dystopian future from existence, meaning he was never killed and thus, Zari never wielded the Air Totem. It’ll bring us up to speed with how he fits in with the team, since from their perception they have two years of memories of traveling with and fighting alongside him that the viewers have not been privy to.

Others photos see the characters at a party welcoming Ray back, presumably after returning from his spending a surprisingly pleasant stint in hell before being rescued by Constantine and Nora, and Constantine in his default state of looking grim and serious, possibly after discovering what Astra has done.

The scenes featured in the images likely all come from the episode’s first ten to fifteen minutes or so, meaning there’s not much to be gleaned from them. However, the recent trailer for this season of Legends of Tomorrow promises another assortment of chaotic time traveling shenanigans, so it shouldn’t be too long before things are back to their anarchic best.