The Pillars Of Society Continue To Crumble In Latest Round Of Stills For Fear The Walking Dead Season 3


Fear The Walking Dead is now so close we can almost smell the rotting flesh radiating from the many, many Walkers populating post-apocalyptic America.

Nipping at the undead heels of AMC’s flagship – The Walking Dead will be back for a breathless eighth season this fall – the network’s companion series is now gearing up for its third season on the air, and ahead of its two-part premiere on Sunday, June 4th, Bloody Disgusting has unearthed another round of stills that casts light on some of the show’s main power players.

Front and center are the Clarks, a tight-knit family of three that consists of Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and her two children: Nick and Alicia. Granted, Fear The Walking Dead has seen Madison foster a relationship with former teacher Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis), but it’s that core, familial dynamic that serves as the lifeblood of AMC’s prequel series, and in anticipation of Sunday’s premiere, Kim Dickens told BT TV that viewers will begin to see the “darker side” of Madison throughout the course of the show’s third season.

“I think Madison is learning that there is no place for her moral compass anymore and her compassion. And I think she set on not making the mistake she was making before and she eventually draws lines there. You see a darker side of her, more merciless,” says Dickens.

So, there you have it; clear your schedules and prepare to get comfortable, Fear The Walking Dead returns for its third season on Sunday, June 4th at 9:00 pm ET/PT. But will you be tuning in to catch the next chapter in the story of the Clarks? Do let us know.

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