PlayStation-Backed Superhero Series Powers Canned After Two Seasons


PlayStation Network’s first original series is seemingly no more, after Brian Michael Bendis took to Twitter to announce that Sony has canned Powers after only two seasons.

Bendis, who hatched the original Image Comics procedural alongside artist Michael Avon Oeming, noted that the comic book iteration will continue at Marvel, where the next arc will be called Diamond Days.

Entering the already overcrowded capes-and-tights genre in March of last year, Powers centered on Sharlto Copley’s grizzled detective Christian Walker, who spent his days ensuring the superheroes of the city remain firmly in line. As a former hero himself, Copley’s brooding lead served as the lynchpin between both worlds and though early episodes displayed real promise, lackluster ratings pinned Sony’s adaptation into a corner early on.

Comic book fans can at least take solace in the fact that Powers will continue in its native medium, but for Sharlto Copley’s agent, it’s time to hang up the hat.

So, there you have it; Powers is set to bow off the airwaves after only two seasons. But what are your thoughts on Sony’s canned superhero genre – wasted potential or a total misfire?

Source: Variety

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