Police Investigating Huge Theft On Set Of The Mandalorian


While we patiently wait for the release of new details on The Mandalorian, it seems that some people have taken the measure of straight up stealing precious data from the set of the upcoming Star Wars live action series.

The Blast reports that various equipment was snuck out from the camera department, including a memory card said to contain sensitive information. The operation is believed to have taken place under the cover of darkness while the team were set up to shoot in Miami Beach. It’s reported that Lucasfilm and the police have launched their own investigations in what’s said to be a pretty big theft, and that crew members who’ve dealt with the cameras were among the first to be questioned. As it stands, it’s unclear how this robbery will effect the production and its schedule.

Speaking of intruders on the set, George Lucas was spotted last week meeting with Jon Favreau on the latter’s birthday. The photo was shared on Favreau’s Instagram, which has lately proven to be a noteworthy source on what to expect from this upcoming show.

Earlier this month, for instance, the writer shared an image of a rifle owned by the title character that fans quickly traced back to a weapon wielded by Boba Fett in 1978’s The Star Wars Holiday Special. At the same time, Favreau uploaded a pic of a bucket-like object that many have compared to the “ice cream maker” prop carried by Willrow Hood in The Empire Strikes Back. It’s unclear whether this item could play a significant role in the live action show, but given the object’s reputation, it could well serve as little more than an Easter Egg for the fans.

Though details on the plot of The Mandalorian remain vague, and intel on the cast is practically non-existent, surely Disney can only go so long before they make some official announcements about the small screen spinoff, right?

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