Here’s How Chris Evans And McKenna Grace Could Look As Joel And Ellie In The Last Of Us TV Show

The Last of Us 2

Fans of Naughty Dogs’ acclaimed The Last of Us series couldn’t be happier right now.

Seven years in the making, the developer is poised to finally release a long-awaited sequel, The Last of Us Part II, in just a few short months that continues Joel and Ellie’s bittersweet story. Set five years after the events of the first game, players will instead take control of Ellie, not Joel, for the follow-up adventure, which sees the former come into contact with a mysterious cult in post-apocalyptic America. As with the original, Part II aims to tell a personal story set against the backdrop of a ruined world which, if all goes to plan, will redefine how critics and players alike view violence in video games.

And the excitement doesn’t end there. In something of a shock announcement last week, HBO revealed plans to release a TV series based on the franchise, with Neil Druckmann and Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin having signed on to oversee the project. The US network has yet to confirm who will play both Joel and Ellie (or even if they’ll be present) in the adaptation, but fans have wasted no time in putting forward their own ideal candidates.

In the case BossLogic, their own ideal duo would be Chris Evans and McKenna Grace. Check out the convincing poster below and see if you agree:

As the Australian artist describes, they used official promotional posters for Evans and Grace’s 2017 film Gifted as the template for their creation, presumably using Photoshop to introduce a more gritty aesthetic to that of the aforementioned drama flick. The end result looks fantastic, no doubt, and certainly makes imagining the pair as Joel and Ellie pretty easy.

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