Powerless Trailer Packs In Plenty Of Big DC Superhero References


Following a batch of stills announcing that the show had officially been picked up, CBS has now released the first trailer for their DC-based workplace comedy series Powerless, which stars Vanessa Hudgens, Alan Tudyk and Danny Pudi. 

A couple of months back, some unofficial set snaps gave us our first look at Crimson Fox (actress still unknown), and we get to see her in action again right off the bat here. After battling an unnamed villain, Fox rescues a train full of passengers, including Emily (Hudgens), who chides her for making them all late for work. This seems to make Emily something of a hero in her own right around the office, and evidently kicks off the main plot of the show.

We’d previously been told not to expect appearances from any of DC’s heavy hitters, but that there might be a few references here and there – and boy was that an understatement. In this trailer alone we get Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Aquaman mentions, and it’s a safe bet that those are only the tip of the name-drop iceberg.

Powerless will premiere later this fall on NBC. Check out the first trailer for the show above and drop a comment letting us know what you think.