Preacher Episode 4 Promo And Sneak Peek


AMC’s small screen adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s controversial comic series, Preacher, continues this coming Sunday with an episode entitled, “Monster Swamp.”

Last night’s installment finally gave us some answers relating to the mysterious duo that are trying to “extract” the entity that has inhabited the Reverend Jesse Custer. After being quizzed by Cassidy, one of them finally admits that they’re from Heaven – in other words, they’re angels. Fans of the comic will have known this already of course, but for everyone else it was a pretty big reveal – even though it’s not elaborated upon in the slightest.


It looks like ol’ Cass is going to try to work out some kind of deal with these immortal beings on the next episode, but there’s a very good chance the wily vampire is just playing along until he can figure out a way to ensure Jesse’s safety and put a stop to their attacks. After all, he seems to think his new pal’s abilities are the coolest thing ever and most likely wants to explore all of the “possibilities” associated with them.

Be sure to tune into Preacher this Sunday on AMC to see what goes down.