Preacher Season 2 Adds Six New Cast Members

The second season of AMC’s small-screen adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s controversial comic series, Preacher, began shooting about a month ago, and we’ve just got our first offcial announcement regarding the new faces we’ll be seeing join Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy on their insane adventures across America.

According to Deadline, Noah Taylor (Game of Thrones, Deep Water), Pip Torrens (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Crown), and Julie Ann Emery (Fargo, Better Call Saul) have been added to the cast as series regulars. Joining them will be Malcolm Barrett (War on Everyone, Dear White People), Ronald Guttman (Homeland, Mozart in the Jungle) and Justin Prentice (13 Reasons Why, Malibu Country) in recurring roles.

Unfortunately, no mention is made of which characters any of these people will be playing, but allow me to hazard a guess or three…..

We know the villainous Herr Starr will be making his presence known next season, and Torrens definitely has the right look for the evil bastard. Meanwhile, Taylor is coming off playing a particularly slimy character on Game of Thrones, so perhaps he’s been cast as either Jody or TC – a couple of redneck thugs that work for Jesse’s grandmother. Emery, meanwhile, is harder to pinpoint, as there really aren’t that many other prominent female characters aside in the source material, but she could be Tulip’s best pal, Amy, who briefly gets involved with the main trio’s shenanigans.

That’s all just speculation, of course, but we should find out for certain soon enough as production on Preacher‘s second season continues.

Source: Deadline